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The world of Naberia

This world has been around for ages, millennium perhaps, no one knows how long. Scattered across the lands of Naberia are ancient runes, their existence lost to the knowledge of the races, mere legend and lore now. The age of Man and Halfling has just began, as their power over the past century has grown exponentially. Since the great turning point of mans history, the reversal of rolls between the opposing factions of man, technology has advanced more rapidly than any race have witnessed in the past thousands of years. This may be found as unusual by the skeptical, but by the vast majority of the world it’s seen as a golden age, a technological revolution of sorts.

Aurndest’s Dragon Knights have served the country since its foundation, and are the backbone of the nations army. They serve as generals and leuitenants to Marksus, the Dragon Lord. During the reformation 217 years from present time, he lead the resistance group against his brother, the evil king Narcis. Having defeated his brother and pushed back the remaining forces to the southern deserts, Marksus began a rule of peace and prosperity that Aurndest has never before seen.

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