Mountain Elves

There two sub classes of elves, the Mountain Elves and the Elves of the Plains. The Mountain Elves view themselves as the superior race among the other races, specifically the Plain Elves. These mountain elves typically form cities on great mesas near natural water formations, but are known to also settle in valleys. Elves, other than dragons, are the oldest race on Naberia, and pride them selves in thousands of years of passed down tradition and ethics. Their culture is very exclusive when it comes to outsiders

During the Great Revolution the Mountain Elves were unsupported of either side of the Humans and Halflings, but were convinced to help when the Ice Orcs declared war. Reasons for this sudden change of heart are unknown to all but the eldest Elves, but most find reason that it was the fear of the Ice Orcs. The Mountain Elves have a huge history of land conflict with the Ice Orcs, in the past the Orcs have settled in the mountains on the eastern border of the Frozen Wastelands. Fear of being surrounded by the Orcs from two sides was enough to motivate the Elves to aid Marksus.

The Mountain Elves have an oligarchical system, the Elven King and his council preside over the race of Elves. The Plain Elves are servitude to the Mountain Elves, and have always been. It’s tradition and conventional practice for a Plain Elf to serve a family of Mountain Elves for a portion of their lives, this amount of time is completely up to the host family. It’s seen as a right of passage for Plain Elves into adult hood, where as Mountain Elves right of passage is a spiritual mountain hike which may last as long as a decade.

In the Mountain Elf society they view each other as equals, there are wealthier Mountain Elves but typically there are no poor Mountain Elves. The line of nobility runs deep in the Elves, as the heir family to the throne is hundreds big. This nobility, along with the wealthiest Elves live in the capital city of the Mountain Elves, on the highest mountain.

The Elves wisdom and knowledge are unmatched in all of Niberia, to meet one is good fortune as there is much to learn from such complex creatures.

Mountain Elves

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