Janet Sparkbreeze

A nomadic ranger with a tendency for trouble


Halfling: Level 2 Ranger


Janet grew up in a nomadic tribe of halflings that wandered the world. Over time her happy group of traveler’s size began to slowly dwindle, as the halflings were slowly settling down in various areas. Eventually there were very few halflings left. So Janet decided it was time for her to move on with her life. She set out for unknown horizons, leaving behind her old way of life.

Eventually Janet found herself on the seedier side of the world. She had trouble joining into society, where she quickly found herself in debt and drug addicted. She did just about anything she could in order to survive. Even rob or murder others. Janet quickly found herself living as a hitman in the slums. It was a long and dark time for her, which spanned ten years human time.

Nowadays she lives as a nomad once more, shunning the darker side of her life that addled her so much. She seeks nothing more than the breeze to her back and a dusty trail to walk on.

Janet Sparkbreeze

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