Emperor Marksus and the Dragon Knights of Aurndest

General Darius

Upon arriving back at town, the adventurers discovered the citizens having big concerns for the safety of the village. The Mayor was holding a town meeting to reassure every one that everything was under control, and conveniently General Darius rode down on his Dragon to announce the Empire has not abandoned its people. The citizens were reassured by a Dragon Knight arriving and the crowd began to disperse. Larry and Darius got “Jerry” and Flandre interested in accompanying the forces that arrived in town to strike at the rebels. The party relaxed in the town for a few hours, and attended the meeting with Darius and his squad captains. They outlined the plans for attack and explained that 10 squads, including the adventurers group, would attack multiple camps and bases of importance to the rebels. Darius explained that this strike will crush the rebels and their attempt to regain strength.



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